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MarcoPoloLine is an authority in the field of Exporting and Importing cargo, and all the affiliated industries related to freight forwarding.

MPL has a network of offices strategically positioned in virtually every angle of the globe, giving us the advantage of being able to offer our clients a comprehensive service.

MPL evaluates the customers' requirements, provides transportation solutions designed specifically for them, whilst speeding up consignments efficiently and cost effectively, tracking every shipment through each to destination, whether it be by air, sea, train or road. Many companies solicit lower prices to save clients excessive costs, but MPL has gone much further by negotiating special terms with some of the largest shipping lines in the world, obtaining rates which are solely applicable to MPL. This globabl reach and financial stability enables clients to achieve economies on a scale and geographical latitude, not attainable on their own or with smaller organisations. Irrelevant of how large MPL is, the first and foremost priority is always the client, ensuring personalised care and attention with each and every one.

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