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Our Corporate Identity  

Amarine Shipping's new CI (Corporate Identity) showcases the essence of the brand. The name "Amarine" itself is a clever fusion of "Air" and "Marine," reflecting the company's focus on both air and sea transportation. The revamped CI incorporates symbols of airplanes and ships, symbolizing the diverse range of services provided by Amarine Shipping.

The vibrant ultramarine color chosen for the CI represents the spirit of challenge and adventure that defines Amarine Shipping. It signifies the company's commitment to pushing boundaries and embracing new opportunities in the shipping industry. This dynamic color choice reflects the energy and determination with which Amarine Shipping approaches its work.

Amarine Shipping's CI also emphasizes the company's core values of resilience and perseverance.

By continuously moving forward and never giving up, Amarine Shipping embodies a spirit of relentless progress. This unwavering dedication to success is at the heart of Amarine's identity.

Overall, the new CI encapsulates Amarine Shipping's commitment to excellence, innovation,

and a fearless pursuit of growth in the air and marine transportation sectors.

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