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Air & Marine freight forwarders in South Korea & Vietnam


Amarine Shipping offers a wide range of freight forwarding and logistics services 


Amarine Shipping was established in Mar. 2009. ‘Amarine’is a partial portmanteau of the words ‘Air & Marine’.

Amarine Shipping specializes in the global shipping of air cargo and sea cargo, and we have an extensive network of overseas partners countries on all continents around the world including Africa.  Through this network of partners, we are able to provide a full range of freight forwarding, logistics solutions & management services globally. Quality standards in handling, tracking and pricing are maintained at the highest level to continuously protect our clients’interests.  The company’s volume combined with operational efficiency enables competitive pricing to be offered alongside a first class level of service.


Amarine Shipping offers a wide range of freight forwarding and logistics services that include:


-Air /Sea freight, Land Transportation, Customs Clearance, Packing & Removals, Warehousing, International door to door services & Documentation.

In summary, Amarine Shipping recognizes that above all it is a service company, providing its clientele with a highly trained & oriented team offering a wide range of services that are tailored to meet specific client needs.  We see ourselves working in partnership with our clients to ensure that a mutually beneficial service of the best quality is provided.

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